Sports & Motricity
Our sports teacher gives group lessons during one hour once a week.
A one hour group tennis lesson is organised by the school at the Bailly Noisy Tennis Club with a tennis coach from the Club.
Specific Motricity
"Psychomotricité" focuses on the child as a whole, taking into account the different aspects of his development. 
  • overall motor skills (walking, running, jumping, etc) and fine motor skills (graphics, construction etc.) 
  • verbal and non verbal communication 
  • relationship to others, socialization 
  • behavior 
By helping the child to become aware of his body, to understand him and to master him, he becomes able to express himself and communicate in harmony with his emotions. 
"Psychomotricité" can become a clue to detect certain disorders that can be improved by specific workshops.
  • psychomotor instability 
  • clumsiness motor and gestures (dyspraxia) 
  • psychomotor inhibition 
  • disorder of graphomotricity 
  • body diagram disorder 
  • laterality disorder 
  • disturbance of the spatio-temporal organization
Sports & Motricity
Fees (for the year)
Roller 360,00 €
Tennis 350,00 €
Specific Motricity 360,00 €