Our philosophy
The foremost intention of our bilingual international school is to offer equal parts English and French teaching. Your child will spend the same amount of time in an Anglophone and in a Francophone environment.
As an international school, we accentuate this commitment with our multicultural team. All our teachers, French, English, Spanish, Mandarin, … are natives of the concerned country.

We endeavour to offer an individualised education which respects each child in his/her capacities and motivations. Our long-standing experience as educators has shown us that a child happy to learn appropriates information better and for longer.
The team of our international school adapts to the child. In turn, the child is expected to follow basic social rules that establish a good relationship to others and a classroom atmosphere conducive to exchange and learning. Our classrooms are organised in coherence with the children’s needs as explained hereafter.
Physical Freedom of movement, development of motricity.
Intellectual Discovery of conscience, responsibility, concentration.
Language Use of hands to learn to stabilise attention.
Emotional Autonomous work, respect of rythm, of “sensitive stages”, fulfilment of personality.
Social Introduction to social life in an adapted setting.
NLC International School decided to go beyond the French National Curriculum which is however entirely covered by including in its approach "Project Based Learning".
Our educators open children to other perspectives in correlation with the demands of globalisation, reflecting the needs of our mutating societies :
  • Music, Motor skills, Culture, Sensorial materials, Relaxation, Public speaking
  • Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics
  • Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication, Entrepreneurship
Our syllabus groups teaching by theme enabling to learn geometry through art, chemistry in cooking...  
The sum of their knowledge will allow our children to blossom.
This teaching style allows all students to manage information by different parts of the brain, increasing the comprehension possibilities by all types of intelligence (musical, linguistic, logico-mathematic, visuo-spacial, kinesthetic, interpersonal and naturalistic).
Our pedagogical global project
NLC International School aims to guide our children within a secure environment where they will want to develop their capacities. We respect them in their personalities and rythm. To this end, we encourage their fulfilment and social integration through an adapted self-discipline in order to be equipped with the tools needed to face today’s and tomorrow’s world.

Our classrooms are organised in 4 separate areas, practical life (strengthening motor skills and cognitive flexibility), sensorial (development of neuronal connections), language and mathematics (working the left cerebral hemisphere: deciphering symbols and using logico-mathematical capacities), culture i.e. biology, botany, zoology, art, music etc. (promoting activity transfers between the left hemisphere for categorisation and the right hemisphere for aesthetics, rhythm, comprehensive thinking and creativity).

We have multiple level classrooms to enhance social integration and consolidate learning. Students are encouraged to help each other, generating natural solidarity.

Students who have mastered a knowledge are invited to share it with those who do not command it yet.  
This very positive exchange, allows the student with mastered knowledge to secure it by explaining.

The student who receives the information gets a different account than that of the teacher, an additional tool to understanding the concept.

Bonds between the children intensify and energise the group spirit.

Our team trusts our students to develop their self-confidence resulting in better learning and higher success.

We are always attentive to our students’ when in need to manage their emotions and conflicts. Our staff has expertise in managing these situations.

By following the course we offer, your child is led to work on the flexibility between the cognitive and the emotional, allowing him to build and develop his strength.
To achieve these results we count on you, parents. You are your children’s foremost educators.
Efficient communication and complete understanding and acceptance of our project is essential.