Art - Theatre - Music
NLC International School offers art, music and theatre appreciation and practice workshops both as part of the school curriculum and as external activities.
Whether on an aesthetic, social or psychological level, the workshops are a vital component in sensitivity development, empathy, acceptance of differences, and concentration skills.
They allow your child to boost communication between cerebral hemispheres, enhancing artistic, language and logical-mathematical creativity, essential for any innovative thought process.

More specifically, the workshops also promote language acquisition, memory capacity, coordination and fine motor skills development. The workshops also aim to open other doors of pre-school and primary school learning taking all types of intelligences in consideration (see Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences).
Group workshop of sing : children/adults
Once a week, NLC 78/Music organise a workshop which will allow you to come and express oneself through music which will enhance your capacity to rebalance your intellectual and emotional skills taking into consideration the individuality.
  • establishing interaction between children and adults 
  • stimulating the different skills ( perception, expression) in group taking into consideration each individuality 
  • bringing out everyone's potential

Art lessons
The practice of art allows the child to express his emotional state in a different way than the verbal one. 
  • cognitive development 
  • fine motor skills development- mastery of the gesture 
  • creativity - imagination reflecting a state of mind 
Once a week a teacher comes to enrich the creative ideas of your children by introducing them to the techniques of acrylic, pastel, charcoal and watercolor.
Musical awareness
Nlc International school considers that access to leisure, arts and culture represents a foundation for the child's development and well-being, the musical awakening project aims to introduce all children to the pleasure of the music world. 

Playing is a source of pleasure and fulfilment for the child and therefore a motor to progress, which is the reason "the sound and musical awakening workshop" is organized in a playful spirit. Sensitive to sound rhythm and vibrations the child can through music discover a new mode of expression that is different and complementary to the usual activities. Music represents the foundation of universal communication, any child can easily make it their own. 
Through different and unexpected sessions the child has the possibility to discover a new world which will allow him to emphasize the different stages of his development, awakening his senses, cultural and artistic interests. 

Goals : 
  • At their own pace and according to their taste and affinities, the children will be guided to a new way of learning 
  • Support and guide the child to develop the body language, help and encourage them to express their emotions, teach them to express by an attitude, a gesture, an experience or feelings through different sounds, rhythm and vibrations. 
  • Learning to evolve in a safe, serene and calm environment. 
  • Learning to respect the others ( adults and children) and the material. 
  • Learning to express creativity through different artistic approaches ( painting, dance, music...) 
  • Team building  

Workshop : 
  • 1 hour 
  • group age  
  • mater /primary 
  • Pre-teenager (11/14) 
  • Teenagers ( over 15 years old) 
  • Group of 12 max
Music lessons - Instrument
Learning an instrument contributes to the development of learning faculties while soliciting new neuronal connections in the brain. 
  • the cognitive faculty 
  • spatio-temporal reasoning (symbols, sound, time) 
  • artistic sensitivity 
  • concentration span 
Once a week, a piano, guitar or drum teacher offers private lessons for half an hour.
Art - Theatre - Music
Fees (for the year)
Art class 540,00 €
Musical awareness 450,00 €
Music lessons - Instrument 850,00 €
Group workshop of sing 1 100,00 €